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C. Bel for Awnings

Four Generations have been in this "Shady" Buiness.

We manufacture locally in our New Orleans Factory.

The benefits of awnings go far beyond the aesthetic appeal of shape, color and dimension. Awnings offer energy saving benefits you will actually feel. A typical home loses more energy through glass doors and windows than through any other construction element. Fabric awnings can reduce heat gain by 55 to 65 percent on southern facing windows and by 72 to 77 percent on western exposures.


Welcome to C. Bel for Awnings Inc., your ideal source for custom, retractable awnings in canvas or aluminum. We have proudly served the New Orleans area since 1926, and our family owned and operated business always places customer satisfaction before all else. Designing high-quality awnings that you will be proud of us is our priority, and we are happy to work with both residential and commercial property owners.

We use premier fabrics by Sunbrella in order to create our awnings and marine applications. Whether you need a single awning for a house or several awnings for a large building or a boat top, we can take on any job. From the moment you hire our team, you can expect excellent service, prompt results, and a dedication to your needs.

Our experienced team is always ready to get the job done, and we even have an in house engineer to perfect each design. For more information,Call us at 504-891-3768 for a free, no-obligation consultationWhatever your awning goals, we're here to help.